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New Polling Shows Resounding Bipartisan Support for Child Tax Credit Ahead of Today’s House Vote on the Tax Deal

01. 31. 2024

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Washington D.C.New polling out today from Navigator, developed in partnership with Economic Security Project Action, shows clear and overwhelming support for an expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC). The polling – which comes as the House prepares to vote on a bipartisan tax deal today – shows:

  • Universal appeal: the poll indicates favorability toward the CTC has jumped despite the absence of the expanded and monthly program.
  • Bipartisan support: overwhelming support for the Child Tax Credit (69%) with strong support spanning the political spectrum (80% Dem, 59% Rep, and 63% Ind support).
  • Growing Support Across Demographics: notable increases in support across demographics are found between August 2021 favorability numbers and who supports the CTC policy today:
    • High levels of support among Black (80% support, 7% oppose) and Hispanic constituencies (70% support, 14% oppose)
  • Blame for Blocking Child Tax Credit: Should the current proposal to expand the Child Tax Credit fail, more blame Republicans (28%) than Democrats (17%)

“The evidence is clear: a majority of people across party lines and across demographics support the Child Tax Credit. The tax deal that the House is considering today is the most significant opportunity for movement on the CTC that we’ve seen in years, and is a prime opportunity for politicians to make it clear that they can prioritize the interests of families and children,” said Adam Ruben, Director of Economic Security Project Action. “The next few weeks will clearly show voters who they can rely on to stand for working families and who will play party politics to score quick political points. A solid foundation for a strong economy starts with investing in kids: when parents no longer have to choose between putting food on the table or buying the books their kids need for school, we end up with stronger families, robust communities, and a resilient national economy.”

The poll from Navigator is published on the heels of poll after poll in the past week demonstrating the bipartisan popularity of the CTC: Data for Progress polling shows 71% of all likely voters support expanding the CTC, with 66% support from Republican voters and 67% among independents. A different variation of this question from Lake Research Partners for Common Sense Media produced similarly strong results: the vast majority (84%) of voters favor the Child Tax Credit, described as “an expanded and improved tax credit that refunds middle-class families and families with lower incomes more money for each child under age 18, creates a new tax credit for families with children under age 6, and makes the credit fully refundable for all families with lower incomes.”