Cash Tax Credits

69% of Registered Voters Support the Child Tax Credit

01. 31. 2024

Would voters support a bipartisan proposal in Congress to expand and improve the Child Tax Credit?

Polling from Navigator, developed in partnership with Economic Security Project Action, shows clear and overwhelming support for an expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC). Poll questions below:

As you may know, there is a bipartisan proposal in Congress to temporarily expand and improve the Child Tax Credit to refund poor, working, and middle-class families more money for each child under age 17. It is paid for by ending some COVID-era relief programs for businesses. Would you support or oppose this agreement? 

Jan-29DemIndRepAfr AmHispWhiteAAPI
Strongly support 33%45%28%22%50%40%31%29%
Somewhat support3635353730303734
Somewhat oppose1071013591016
Strongly oppose8210132597
Not sure1311161513161314
SUPPORT (NET)69%80645980706863
OPPOSE (NET)17920267141923

If Congress fails to pass this bipartisan proposal to expand and improve the Child Tax Credit, who would you blame most?

Jan-29DemIndRepAfr AmHispWhiteAAPI
Republicans in Congress27%47%12%12%34%34%26%31%
Democrats in Congress171262520161611
Don’t know enough to say1815261810151916

Source: Navigator Research, January 29, 2024