Turning the Tide in Tight Races: Making the Child Tax Credit a Central Issue

06. 22. 2022

Making the Child Tax Credit a central issue is critical to any winning strategy in November. The politics work for the midterms.

Top electoral firms find candidates’ support for the Child Tax Credit is a powerful message that more voters need to hear in competitive races.

  • Polling from Greenberg & Lake: CTC is a powerful argument for base and swing voters, a top Biden policy, and raises doubts about CTC opponents.
  • TargetSmart CTC voter model: ½ of turnout targets and ⅓ of all persuasion targets are CTC Voters.
  • OpenLabs & Civis survey testing: OpenLabs ranked us in the top 15% of Senate ads tested, and Civis found an impressive 7 point shift among all voters on Senate vote choice.
  • Bully Pulpit Interactive field experiment: Three Point Media ads move CTC Voters a stunning 15 points toward named candidates in battleground Senate races. Similar boost seen in candidate trust.

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