Statement from Economic Security Project Action on Expanded Child Tax Credit’s Exclusion from Year-End Congressional Omnibus Package

12. 19. 2022

Washington, DC – Today reports are emerging that Congress has settled on an end of the year Omnibus Package that excludes the expanded Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit. Below is a statement from Adam Ruben, Director at Economic Security Project Action, responding to this news.

“We are deeply and profoundly disappointed that Congress has failed to revive the expanded, monthly Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit through its year-end omnibus spending package. These monthly CTC checks have proven their power to significantly reduce child poverty in the United States and would ensure parents and kids – particularly those within low-income communities and communities of color –  have the resources they need to weather the rising cost of living. Capitol Hill’s decision not to pursue a much-needed tax extenders bill this session was driven by a widespread, devastating Republican refusal to support families, letting them fall through the cracks. This ignores the extraordinary, united coalition of civil rights, economic justice, faith, labor, and anti-poverty organizations who have made their voices crystal clear on this issue.

“Make no mistake – we will not stop fighting for the expanded Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit. Champions for families have made an unprecedented move in taking on Wall Street and their allies in Washington, successfully blocking for the second time this year tax breaks for wealthy corporations unless passed together with a restored monthly Child Tax Credit. The White House, alongside our champions in the Senate and House of Representatives, have drawn a line in the sand: Next year and in the years to come, Capitol Hill cannot – and will not – pass any more handouts for big business unless there is support for working families, too.”