Press Release

Joint Statement from Faith, Civil Rights, Anti-Poverty and Economic Justice Groups on the Expanded Child Tax Credit’s Exclusion

07. 27. 2022

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Economic Security Project Action, National Urban League, Coalition on Human Needs, RESULTS, Children’s Health Watch, San Diego for Every Child, Children’s Defense Fund, Center for the Study of Social Policy, NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, Keep Families Afloat, Universal Income Project, National Council of Jewish Women joined together for the following statement:

“Congress is making a profound mistake by leaving the Biden era’s single most effective program for reducing poverty and helping families meet their basic needs out of the draft reconciliation package unveiled in the Senate. At a time when families are facing surging costs, reinstating the expanded monthly refundable Child Tax Credit is the most obvious, effective, and proven solution Congress could adopt. This would immediately help tens of millions of families deal with the rising costs of food, gas, housing, and other basic needs. Since the expiration of the expanded credit, 3.7 million children, including 2.5 million Black and Latino children have been pushed back into poverty. We call on Congressional leaders to find a way to extend the CTC now and stop failing America’s children.”