Press Statement

Governor Pritzker Ignores Efforts to Create an Illinois Child Tax Credit in Budget Address

02. 15. 2023

Statement from Erion Malasi, Illinois Policy Director of Economic Security Project on behalf of the Illinois Cost-of-Living Refund Coalition

Chicago, IL – Erion Malasi, Policy and Advocacy Director for Economic Security for Illinois, an affiliate of Economic Security Project, released the following statement regarding Governor Pritker’s State of the State and Budget Address speech:

“We were disappointed to learn that Governor Pritzker’s proposed budget fails to include a plan to create an Illinois Child Tax Credit. Governor Pritzker has built a reputation, and a record, as a champion for tax policies that benefit working families and middle class Illinoisans. But we must do more to balance the scales on behalf of Illinois families. With costs of living rising and Congress failing to pass an expanded Child Tax Credit, we must enact policy solutions that put cash in the hands of those who need it most. A Child Tax Credit would do just that, moving us toward an inclusive, equitable, and family-friendly tax system, and furthering the Governor’s stated goal to “make our state the best place in the nation to raise young children.”

We now turn to the Illinois General Assembly to meet the urgent needs of Illinois families. The General Assembly provided a tax credit for working families during last year’s legislative session, and  can once again   lower the tax burden on middle class and working families while ushering in a more equitable future for all Illinoisans. The time to create an Illinois Child Tax Credit is now.”


Illinois parents, advocates, and lawmakers gathered last week in support of SB 1444, a bill that would create a $700 per child Child Tax Credit. The proposed credit would be available to parents of children under 17 or disabled dependents. Families would be eligible for the refundable tax credit if they earned less than the median income ($75,000 for joint tax filers, $50,000 for single filers).  

Governor Pritzker has a record of supporting tax policies that benefit working families. In 2019 he proposed a Child Tax Credit policy as part of his Fair Tax Plan. Last year, Governor Pritzker supported—and signed—a bill to expand Illinois’ Earned Income Credit credit for low-income adults 18-24, older adults 65+, and immigrants who file taxes with an ITIN number. 

However, Governor Pritzker left himself off a growing list of governors from across the country who have included a Child Tax Credit in their own State of The State or Budget Address speeches. Last week, Economic Security Project identified these ten governors in a press release

The Illinois Cost-Of-Living Refund Coalition is leading the advocacy effort for the Child Tax Credit. Last year, this coalition successfully advocated for an expansion to the state’s Earned Income Credit.  The coalition includes more than 40 nonprofit, labor, consumer advocates, immigrant rights, and grassroots, community-based organizations across the state (see list of member organizations below). 

More information about the policy is available in the Cost-of-Living Refund Coalition’s fact sheet here. 

The Illinois Cost-of-Living Refund Coalition is dedicated to getting more money into the hands of Illinois families. Our 40+ members are composed of unions, community organizations, consumer protection groups, and nonprofits, including:

Age Guide

AARP Illinois

Caring Across Generations

The Chicago Community Trust

Chicago Jobs Council

Chicago Urban League

Chicago Votes

Children’s Advocates for Change

Children’s Home and Aid

Community Organizing and Family Issues

Economic Security for Illinois, an affiliate of Economic Security Project

Equity and Transformation

Grassroots Collaborative

Heartland Alliance

Illinois Action for Children

Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Illinois Families for Public Schools

Illinois Nurses Association

Illinois Public Interest Research Group

Latino Policy Forum

LIFT- Chicago

Metropolitan Planning Council

New America Chicago

Parents Organizing to Win Educate and Renew – Policy Action Council Illinois

Raise The Floor Alliance

Service Employees International Union – Healthcare

Service Employees International Union – Local 1 

Service Employees International Union – Local 73 

Shriver Center on Poverty Law

Small Business Majority

Start Early

United Food & Commercial Workers – Local 881 

United Way of Illinois

United Way of Metropolitan Chicago


Warehouse Workers for Justice

Women Employed

Woodstock Institute

Worker Center for Racial Justice

Young Invincibles