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Empire State Voices and Economic Security Project Action to Launch Ad Campaign Holding Rep. Williams Accountable for His Role in Shutdown

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NEW YORK — In the coming days, Empire State Voices and Economic Security Project Action will launch an effort to hold Congressman Brandon Williams accountable for his role in forcing the upcoming unnecessary government shutdown. The effort will begin with a radio ad entitled “Hardworking,” which will play in the Syracuse and Utica areas for three weeks and be accompanied by additional media and organizing accountability actions.

Rep. Williams has gotten in line with far-right members of his party, refusing to fund the government unless they get outrageous funding cuts to critical programs that millions of New Yorkers rely on—everything from housing and food assistance to access to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

“Congressman Williams is failing to do one of the most basic parts of his job: keeping the government open. His claims to care about working people are nothing more than lies he tells his constituents time and time again,” said Maria Martinez, Executive Director of Empire State Voices. “He appears willing to let the government shut down rather than fund key programs that working New Yorkers rely on every day. He’s voted to give $6 billion in tax cuts to big corporations, but now that it’s time to actually help his own constituents, he’s missing in action.”

“When the government shuts down, Representative Williams will need to answer to thousands of New Yorkers whose economic security and resilience is jeopardized,” said Rebecca Bailin, New York State Director of Economic Security Project Action. “There is a disconnect between New Yorkers and our representatives in DC, and it is concerning that Representative Williams thinks that choosing tax breaks for the rich and corporations is more important than making sure hard-working Americans can access essentials. Representative Williams is complicit in pushing us to this stalemate with extremist Republicans. Economic Security Project Action and Empire State Voices are holding him accountable for leaving seniors and children in New York without a champion.”

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About Empire State Voices
Empire State Voices (ESV) is a multi-year campaign dedicated to amplifying the voices of everyday working New Yorkers. ESV is fighting for economic policies that make life more affordable for constituents and holding Members of Congress across the state accountable when they fail to do the same.

About Economic Security Project Action
Economic Security Project Action mobilizes resources and people behind ideas that build economic power for all Americans. As an ideas advocacy organization, we legitimize our issues by supporting cutting-edge research and elevating champions, win concrete policy victories for the communities that need to see change now, and provoke the conventional wisdom to shift what’s considered possible. Our team of academics, organizers, practitioners and culture makers disburse grants, run issue campaigns, develop creative interventions and research products to support the field, and coordinate events to encourage investment and action from others.