Press Release

Elected Leaders and Advocates Demand a Statewide Child Tax Credit at Illinois Capitol

02. 07. 2024

If Passed, State Child Tax Credit Would Provide $300 to Thousands of Eligible Hardworking Families

Springfield, IL – On Wednesday, leaders and advocates convened in Springfield at the State Capitol to call for the creation of a robust statewide Child Tax Credit during this year’s legislative session. As a federal Child Tax Credit moves through Congress, state advocates and leaders, including bill sponsors State Senator Omar Aquino, State Representatives Marcus Evans Jr. and Mary Beth Canty, are pushing for Illinois to join the 14 other states that have passed their own state credit, SB 3329 / HB 4917.

If passed, SB 3329 / HB 4917 would create a robust Child Tax Credit, offering $300 for each child whose parents earn less than the median income. Such a credit would benefit 1.4 million kids and generate over $1 billion in local economic stimulus. Calls for a Child Tax Credit are growing across the state, with a coalition of over 40 organizations across Illinois currently signed on to this proposal.

“The Child Tax Credit I am proposing this year would put money back in working-class parents’ pockets,” said State Senator Omar Aquino. “That little bit of extra change helps families stay afloat, provide a good education for their children, and re-invest that money right back into our local economy. It’s why studies show that just this investment in our families would pay dividends, by creating a $1 billion surplus in our economy.”

“Right now, Illinois ranks as the worst state in the nation for racial financial equality. And we’ve seen research that shows that 60% of the money from a state CTC would go directly to Black and brown families,” said State Representative Marcus Evans, Jr. “That’s why I’m proud to introduce this bill to create a Child Tax Credit : in one move, we can invest in historically disenfranchised communities, and create meaningful opportunities for families to rise.” 

“By passing a state Child Tax Credit, we can make sure that no family is without the support it needs, federal program or not,” shared State Representative Mary Beth Canty. “Our governor has said he wants to make Illinois the best state in the nation to raise a family. We can do that today, by passing a Child Tax Credit and giving our families more money to raise their children as they choose.” 

“Passing a Child Tax Credit is so important to thousands and thousands of parents across our state like me,” shared Krystal Peters, a parent and leader at Worker Center for Racial Justice. “ I want to provide the best experience and life for my kid. A Child Tax Credit would allow me and my family, and families in my neighborhood and across Illinois, to do exactly that. That $300 extra dollars is money I can invest into my kid’s education. It’s money that I can spend on basic supplies, so that I can live freely and more easily, without worrying about falling behind. That is help that I can use to get ahead and so that my child and my family can flourish.” 

“I am a mother of three, a grandmother, and have been proud to call Illinois home for the past 30 years. I work hard to provide for our children, but it is not always easy to make ends meet,” shared Liliana Olayo, a parent leader with Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI) who advocates for the policy. “This extra bit of relief from a child tax credit might not sound like a lot, but it would make a huge difference for my family. And unlike the current federal bill, as ITIN filers, my family, and so many immigrant families across the state, would be able to qualify for help under this bill. I hope that the legislature and the Governor understand how impactful and important this would be; it would be a true blessing.”

The Illinois Cost Of Living Refund Coalition, led by Economic Security Illinois, is behind the advocacy effort for the Child Tax Credit. Two years ago, this coalition successfully advocated for an expansion to the state’s Earned Income Credit. Last year, the coalition supported legislation for a more expensive version of a statewide Child Tax Credit. The coalition includes more than 40 nonprofit, labor, consumer advocate, immigrant rights, and grassroots, community-based organizations across the state. Advocates from Economic Security Illinois, Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI), Worker Center for Racial Justice, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR), and other organizations were present at Wednesday’s press conference.

More information about the policy is available in the coalition’s fact sheet here.


Economic Security Illinois Action is an affiliate of Economic Security Project Action. 

Economic Security Project Action mobilizes resources and people behind ideas that build economic power for all Americans. As an ideas advocacy organization, we legitimize our issues by supporting cutting edge research and elevating champions, win concrete policy victories for the communities that need to see change now, and provoke the conventional wisdom to shift what’s considered possible. Our team of academics, organizers, practitioners and culture makers disburse grants, run issue campaigns, develop creative interventions and research products to support the field, and coordinate events to encourage investment and action from others.

The Illinois Cost of Living Refund Coalition is dedicated to getting more money into the hands of Illinois families. Our 40+ members are composed of unions, community organizations, consumer protection groups, and nonprofits, including:

  • Age Guide
  • Brightpoint
  • Caring Across Generations
  • The Chicago Community Trust
  • Chicago Jobs Council
  • Chicago Votes
  • Children’s Advocates for Change
  • Citizen Action Illinois
  • Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI)
  • Economic Security Illinois
  • Economic Security Project
  • Equity and Transformation
  • Grassroots Collaborative
  • Greater Chicago Food Depository
  • Greater West Town Community Development Project
  • Heartland Alliance
  • Hispanic Federation
  • Illinois Action for Children
  • Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
  • Illinois Families for Public Schools
  • Illinois Nurses Association 
  • Illinois Public Interest Research Group 
  • Illinois Restaurant Association
  • IUOE Local 150
  • Latino Policy Forum
  • League of Women Voters of Illinois
  • LIFT- Chicago
  • Metropolitan Planning Council
  • New America Chicago
  • New Moms
  • Parents Organizing to Win Educate and Renew – Policy Action Council (POWER-PAC)
  • Raise The Floor Alliance
  • Service Employees International Union – Local 1 (SEIU-1)
  • Service Employees International Union – Local 73 (SEIU-73)
  • Shriver Center on Poverty Law
  • Small Business Advisory Council
  • Small Business Majority
  • Stand for Children: Illinois
  • Start Early
  • United Food & Commercial Workers – Local 881 (UFCW – 881)
  • United Way of Illinois
  • United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
  • UpTogether
  • Warehouse Workers for Justice
  • Women Employed
  • Woodstock Institute
  • Worker Center for Racial Justice
  • Young Invincibles