Adam Ruben


Leydy Abreu

Senior Director of People and Operations

Anna Aurilio

Senior Director of Campaigns

Rebecca Bailin

Deputy State Campaigns Director

Chrissy Blitz

Vice President of Communications and External Affairs

Gabriela ‘Gaby’ Bosquez

Program Manager

Sachin Chheda

Senior Advisor

Michael Conti

Project Manager

Shua Goodwin

Deputy Campaigns Director

Hannah Gregor

Program Manager

Lindsey Hallingquest

Development Manager

Guen Han

Director of Resources and Evaluation

Taylor Jo Isenberg


Marta Kuersten Wolaver

Development Manager

Erion Benjamin Malasi

Illinois Policy and Advocacy Director

Pedro Morillas

Director of State Campaigns

Teri Olle

California Campaign Director

Harish I. Patel

Vice President, Build the Field

Christiaan Perez

Media Strategy Manager

Jenna Severson

Communications and Digital Manager

Kelli Smith

Campaigns Research Director

Suz Warshell

Manager of People and Operations